The jewelry is made out of white porcelain clay, different glazes, gold luster & silver luster. Each porcelain piece is adorned with sterling silver and gold plated sterling silver.

Step by step:

1. The pieces are shaped in porcelain clay
2. Then they need some hours to dry
3. When dry, it is time for sanding to smoothen the edges
4. Then they go in the kiln -about 800 degrees
5. Out of the kiln they are ready for some glaze, often 3 layers
6. Glaze firing – about 1250 degrees
7. After coming out of the kiln for the second time some of them are decorated with gold or silver
8. The third firing is about 700 degrees
9. The porcelain is adorned with sterling silver
10. Jewelry photoshoot, and then they are placed in jewelry boxes

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